Insight Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching can help you move away from compulsive sexual behaviour and towards a meaningful life.

Up to 30% of men struggle with obsessive sexual behaviours. With support through Insight Recovery Coaching, you can interrupt this cycle and feel whole again.

My name is Egbert Jager

I’ve suffered the same struggles with sex addiction and now live a rewarding and fulfilled life.

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Recovery coaching helped save my life, my marriage, relationships, and business. I now feel my life has a purpose; I am proud of who I am and have learned how to put a life of lies and self-deceit behind me. You can too. I want to help people who have found themselves on a self-destructive path due to sex addiction.

Let me tell you a story about Bill:

We began treatment within a week of each other and quickly became friends through our recovery. We were both similar and were given access to the same professional resources.

We were the same age, and we developed a bond through our shared quirky sense of humour and the situation that we found ourselves in. However, even though we had been granted professional resources, there were a few differences in our support and recovery journeys.

  1. I lived more central to access the facilities and people, whereas Bill lived quite rural.
  2. I had access to transport to attend meetings/sessions physically, and Bill didn’t.
  3. I had a business that supported me financially; Bill had lost his job.
  4. I had the support of my wife, friends, and the wider community; Bill was divorced from a woman who had her own struggles while trying to support his young son.

Despite seeking help, Bill struggled every day, and the more this cycle continued, the more he sought an escape. He started drinking – hard.

Bill’s physical health deteriorated, and one day, I found myself standing next to him in his hospital bed. When the medical staff decided to pull his feeding tube and end his suffering, I stayed by his bedside until he was in no more pain.

I think about Bill every day. His memory is what drives me forward, determined to make sure that everyone struggling with a sexual addiction has the love, support, and guidance needed to heal. Everyone should have a way out of addiction, and your situation doesn’t mean you will end up like Bill.

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What is Insight Recovery Coaching?

Through my experience, I know how important it is to receive support in a non-judgmental, supportive, and open environment. I’ll help you:


Identify your goals for positive change and keep you on that path.


Provide you with tools and insights to cope with daily urges.


Allowing you to address the deeper problems you’re trying to escape from.


Regain the balance in your life and enjoy all parts of your life again.

Recovery coaching can help if you’re struggling with:

Porn Overuse

Hook-Up Apps


Compulsive Masturbation

Strip Clubs

Intimacy Disconnection

My help is a good fit for you if:

You want relief from your suffering

You want insight from someone who’s been down this road

You recognize that you need to make a change in your life

You want to be able to share without being judged or ridiculed

You want to change your current patterns of behaviour

You want to free yourself to be you and to allow others around you to do the same

Are you looking for non-judgmental compassion from someone who won’t mince words?

I will always give you straight answers, perhaps with a bit of humour thrown in. Insight Recovery Coaching could be the haven you’re looking for.

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