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About Egbert

I started where you are. My life was upside down. My sexual behaviours were interfering with my work, relationships and taking pretty much all joy from my life. What felt fun at first became my prison.

My addiction began early, built slowly, and eventually consumed most of my days. I spent more and more time on the computer. I was losing my ability to be effective in my career. I gave up hobbies and stopped attending family events. I even used the extra time during the holidays to pursue my addiction.

Eventually, I spent more time connecting with people outside my family to feed my addiction. The progression wasn’t obvious, at least to me. Instead, it felt gradual and ‘normal.’

I was neglecting myself. I wasn’t going to the doctor or dentist, and I wasn’t exercising or even getting outdoors. As a result, I put on an unhealthy amount of weight, and my physical health declined.

My emotional self was lost early on. I was only able to connect through outrage and fear. I had lost connection to and concern about everything that wasn’t my addiction.

Thankfully, with support, I was able to turn things around.

Thankfully, with support, I was able to turn things around.

I reconnected with my wife, and our relationship is better now than it ever was before. Now I look after myself and enjoy the little things.

Once I began recovery, my business built up rapidly to levels better than before. My customers were happier, and so was I. I reconnected with family, learned to live again and to be my authentic self. I’ve developed and achieved goals in my personal and business life. Even my wife and I have plans for ourselves that we are working on together. I now have a life worth living!

I was able to make these changes due to my support system. I had people around me who helped me change negative patterns, develop healthy coping skills, and see a way forward.

I want that for you.

I’m a CCAR recovery coach specializing in helping men overcome their sex addiction. My vision is that all hearts be free from suffering. I want men to know that they are not alone and that there is a way forward.

Up to 30% of the global population struggle with sex addiction, and many can recover. Men I work with are often at risk of losing:

  • Their marriage
  • Their kids
  • Their jobs
  • Their livelihood
  • Life itself

When I was struggling, I inadvertently hurt those around me. This is often an unfortunate side effect of addiction. Your significant others may feel abandoned or betrayed. Your children may be emotionally neglected. Your work commitments will be ignored. You’ll lose your finances. Those struggling with sex addiction aren’t trying to harm others, but it is an unfortunate side-effect.

Often men don’t know what caused this situation, how things got so bad, or how to fix it. As a result, they live a life of pain without a way out. That’s because they lack the way, the support, the connections they need.

These men are ready to be whole again!

How I can Help

My vision is that all hearts be free from suffering. I know that recovery is possible. During my own recovery journey, I developed a desire to help others find their way.

How do I do that? I start with my ‘authentic self.’ I’m here to listen, meet you where you’re at and form a healthy connection. My job isn’t to judge. After all, I’ve been where you are now! My job is to offer my lived experience, insight as a neutral observer, and training and knowledge to help you move forward.

We will focus on where you want to be, what’s holding you back, and how to remove those obstacles so you can get there. From my perspective, I can help you see your situation more clearly. We will identify your needs together, and I’ll help you take clear, actionable steps. These steps can lead you to success in your journey of recovery.

Are you ready to connect so you can get back on track? Wherever you are, I can help. Set up a free call to tell me about your goals. We’ll make a plan to go forward.

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